Haitian Riviera

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Events USBGA Tampa, FL-USA
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The Oracle, ZZAJE, Alan Cole and the G.O.A.T Girls at Club Underground in Tampa, Florida for the USBGA Golf event 01/28/09. The USBGA members came to Pebble Creek Golf Club in Tampa, Florida for a great cause and some great Golf. They came to show support for Richard Collier. The USBGA Golf event was hosted by S.E. Day, CEO of the USBGA. The Haitian Riviera Golf Association was at the event to support the USBGA and Richard Collier at Club Undeground...
G.O.A.T Girls will be in Haiti during spring break 2009 for Photo shoot on the Haitian Riviera's most gorgeous caribbean white sandy beaches... No Sandals Please...