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From: Alec - Colorado 10/31/2008
Looking forward to my first trip to Haiti for spring break 2009 and I plan to bring my friend and she will have a good time! I would like to bring more people from Colorado, I am looking for a travel group for good discount. Any idea!

From: Sonide - Florida 10/29/2008
I want more information about bringing a large group.

From: Jacques - Florida 10/20/2008
Hi, I am very happy that a five star luxury resort hotel is being under construction in Haiti. Please provide me more information about the condos and what is the requirement to purchase or rent one. I look forward to hear from you and your updates. I would like to take some friends to visit Haiti during Spring break 2009.

From: Marie - Tallahassee, FL. 10/19/2008
Hello my name is Marie. I serve as the Activities Coordinator for the Haitian Cultural Club of Tallahassee, FL. The organization is composed of students attending school in the northern section of Florida. Spring Break is between Friday, March 7th through Saturday, March 14th. We would like you to forward information to us concerning the cost of a spring break trip to the Haitian Riviera and what is included in the cost. Please include travel, hotel stay, activities, food, etc.

From: Desrosiers - Elkins Park, PA 09/07/2008
Hello I would like to go on vacation on the Haitian Riviera!

From: Roney - West Orange, NJ 09/07/2008
Keep doing the good work, don't get discourage...

The Haitian Riviera
Spring Break 2010
March 4th - mid April
Calendar of Events

Take a cruise to Haiti
and visit Labadie Resorts, visit the Citadelle LaFerriere via The Royal caribbean Cruise Line, the #1 thing to do in the caribbean. A must... Celebrate Obama, celebrate over 600 years of Black History in the Americas, celebrate unity, celebrate peace, celebrate humanity, celebrate Haiti, celebrate America and God Bless America.
From: Daniel - Indianapolis, IN 12/07/2008
I would appreciate if you would send me some information about the resorts. I am planning on taking a trip to Haiti in april 09. Daniel B...

From: Alger - Lauderhill, Florida 11/27/2008
I would like to be there one day. To me, Haiti will be the place to go. Good luck!

From: Chelege - Hillside NJ 11/23/2008
Wow! I was so thrill to finally see something like this. As a fellow proud Haitian, I am very happy now I can finally go home to my own country and find a place to relax and have a good time. I have a lot of friends who's been asking me what is there to do in Haiti, now I can tell them, and can not wait for the construction of the upcoming Luxury resort. Thank you very much we are still the best in the caribbean. ( La Perle des Antilles ).

From: Alexis - Florida 11/21/2008
Hey, I am a college student in Florida. Can you send me soon more information on this new development going on in Haiti? I am Haitian myself and if there is any way I can help from a college student's perspective, let me know. Thank you...

From: Martine Z. 11/18/2008
I would like to go to Haiti for spring break. When is it?
Thank you.

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