Haitian Riviera

Haitian Hotels
Bellevue Hotel
     Port-au-Prince 509-2245-3946
Castel Haiti
     Port-au-Prince 509-2222-0624
Holiday Inn
     Port-au-Prince 509-2510-4595
Quality Inn
     Port-au-Prince 509-2234-0485
Oloffson Hotel
     Port-au-Prince 509-2223-4000
Haitian Villas
Villa Bel Soleil
     Port-au-Prince 509-2222-2787
Villa Creole
     Port-au-Prince 509-2257-1570
Villa Kaweles
     PetionVille 509-2257-0817
Villa Saint Louis
     Port-au-Prince 509-2222-2813
Coconut Villa
     Delmas 509-2246-0712
Haitian Resorts
Cacique Islands Ibo Beach
     Matelas 509-2257-1200
Club Mediterranee
     Montrouis 509-2222-4400
El Rancho
     Port-au-Prince 509-2257-2080
Kaliko Beach
     Pointe Paturon 509-2222-5773
Kyona Beach
     Port-au-Prince 509-2222-6788
Visit the Citadelle Laferriere, the Western Hemisphere's largest Fortress. The No. 1 thing to do in the Caribbean. A symbol of triumph! Hiked by a young Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Citadelle Laferriere
The 1st Black Military Strategists of the Americas! Founders of the
Haitian Army and the 1st Black Indian Nation in the Americas. Henry Christophe - the 1st and only King of the Americas!
Haitian Heroes
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Wahoo Bay Beach
   Club & Resort
Spring Break 2009
Time to party in Haiti
Relax, Play & beach Parties
Welcome College Students to the
Haitian Riviera
Spring Break 2009
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