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The Haitian Riviera
The Haitian Riviera Business Center
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The Haitian Riviera will be the destination where vacations, business meetings and conventions will surpass all expectations. New project, for a $400M Emperor's Palace Haitian 5-Star Luxury Resort: 2.5 million square feet, Haitian Casino Royal Resort, anchored by 2 Hotels for a 750 guest Rooms and Suites, 10 new Restaurants, 15 new Retail Shops, a Musical Entertainment Center, a 600 seats theater, World-Class Golf Course, Luxury Villas and Luxury Condos in a 400 acre tropical oceanfront with a 50 slip Marina.  Considering RAD Architecture for this new project... 
The Haitian Riviera
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$100 Billion is committed for new developments in the Caribbean for Hotels and Resorts over the next decade and Developers are now looking at Haiti for Strategic new Business Developments! Now is the time to look at Haiti's new emerging markets.
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Breaking News Florida-USA 05/02/2009: Serenity Resorts to start construction this year 2009 - The 5-Star Luxury Resort in Haiti is now on the way... This $400 M project for Haiti, financing is approved. Thank you and God bless the Investors...
Breaking News Texas-USA 05/26/2009: North American Group to create new Haitian Engineering Firm by Haitian-American, Haitian-Canadian, Haitian-European Engineers. The new group will focus on building Haiti's infrastructure.. Read more soon..