The Haitian Riviera is a great place for your next vacation destinations. We offer you our lasting friendship and we will treat you like Royals. So, lets get started... Asia, Mid-East, Europe, Africa and the Americas come and enjoy a great vacation again and again...
The Haitian Tropical Magarita Beach Bar & Grill

World Famous Haitian Rhum Barbancourt since 1862
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Trade in your hectic schedule for a fun vacation to the Haitian Islands. Bring your Formula Cruiser, your Full-Throttle BAJA, your DONZI or your Yacht to the Haitian Islands!
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Paradise has a whole new address in the Caribbean!
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December 27th - 30th 2009 The Haitian Open by The USBGA
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Visit Haiti today... "The undisputed Empress of the Caribbean and the Americas" The first step is Serenity, to know oneself's true Royalty... Haiti, the only nonColonial, nonCommonwealth and true independent Nation in the caribbean!
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Now Open, New Leisure residential resort , Club Hotel, Condominiums, Villas, Marina, Golf! A large scale innovative project which combines fare trade-ecotourism and sustainable development in Haiti...
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05/02/2009. Serenity Aqua Resorts to start construction this year. The new 5-Star Resort $400 M project, financing is approved. Read more here..
The Haitian Open
We are going on a Vacation on the Haitian Riviera in Haiti, an island of Style and Serenity. 20+ group to join us this year ... posted: 3/21/2009

ZZAJE is coming to Haiti!
The Haitian Riviera Entertainment to bring ZZJE to the Haitian Riviera to Perform during the Haitian Open Golf Classic week. ZZJE will also perform for a Wisconsin couple beach wedding in Haiti's white sandy beach. Join us Dec 26-30th.
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From New York: Couple on Vacation in Haiti 4/2009